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Framaroot is a one-click root Android app supports multiple Android devices like Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, ZTE, Alcatel, Acer, Xiaomi MTK and other devices. It usually supports Android devices low-end or older Android devices. If you are looking to try APK Framaroot if the root of your phone with his exploits.



Due to some limitations of Google Play, it is available in the Android Play Store, but there is nothing to worry as you can always get the latest version of the application with the following direct download links with additional mirror for all versions of Framaroot Apk


But fortunately ...


The developer of the application Framaroot thread on Xda Developers Forum, where it updates all related application bugs and new updates. If all problems that can be displayed on the wire and we hope that developers or forum member is able to help you. I link to the official forum given below.


This post dedicated includes everything concerning Framaroot including FAQ and how to install framaroot in great detail.


What Is Framaroot?

Framaroot is a free application for Android developed by senior developers Xda alephzain.which used in a number of devices in a single click root without access to PC. Yes, you heard right, you can root your device without PC with this particular application, given that it supports your device.


You can read the thread list of supported devices on the official thread by the developer to the Xda. Good thing about the app is constantly updated becomes, so there is a possibility, if your device is not supported today, it may in the future so it is good, constantly updated from the wire.


Framaroot is best for users with no experience in Android Rooting, with its complex exploits, you can easily root your mobile phone and scroll down in minutes installed depending on your Android chipset model and Android version.


Framaroot more exploits like Frodo, Legolas, Aragorn, Gandalf, Gollum, Barahir, Faramir, Pippin and load matching your used device chipsets, firmware construction and Android version.


APK Download Framaroot:

You can easily all versions of Framaroot with direct download links. I always recommend you to try the latest version because it is that your device has the latest rooted rooting exploits and a high probability.


Framaroot-1.9.3.apk | Mirror

Framaroot-1.9.2.apk | Mirror

Framaroot-1.9.1.apk | Mirror

Framaroot-1.9.0a.apk | Mirror

Framaroot-1.8.1.apk | Mirror

Framaroot-1.8.0.apk | Mirror

Framaroot-1.7.1.apk | Mirror

Framaroot-1.7.0.apk | Mirror

Framaroot-1.6.1.apk | Mirror

Framaroot-1.6.0.apk | Mirror

Framaroot-1.5.3.apk | Mirror

Framaroot-1.5.2.apk | Mirror

Framaroot-1.5.1.apk | Mirror | Mirror

Framaroot-1.4.3.apk | Mirror

Framaroot-1.4.1.apk | Mirror

How to Install Framaroot and Root Your Android:

I assume you have already downloaded the apk application with the link above. Also make sure that the updated version of framaroot currently v.1.9.3 is the last download. After all, your wait is over and we'll go and learn how to install and use Framaroot and root access on your Android using step instructions win.


Step 1: Have you sure APK downloaded to your Android device. If you use PC, copy the apk file on your device.


Step 2: Go to Settings> Developer Options and enable USB debugging mode on your device.


Step 3: Go to Settings> Security and check "Unknown sources". This option allows you to install apps from sources other than the Play Store.


Unknown sources Android Settings


Step 4: Use the File Manager, navigate to the download folder or where you copied the apk application file.




Step 5: Press the apk file to start the installation process. It should not take more than a few seconds.


Framaroot - screen "Installing the application"


Step 6: Once installed, run and root your phone. Now if you run Framaroot when you receive the message "Your device seems not vulnerable included for use in Framaroot" means that your phone is not supported, and the application is complete. You should now APK for application replacement or as z4root Moto Chopper rooting app search.


Check Vulnerability:-


Otherwise, you should always have the following options:


How to use Framaroot?

  1. install Superuser
  2. install SuperSU
  3. Unroot

Or run the script

When you select the option SuperSU the root management application will root your device and install that can be executed later to update the binary SuperSU. Try different options until you get "Congratulations, your Android device is rooted successfully."


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Is it still?


Answer: It depends, it is currently running Android Jellybean and low, but now when you update the software version on your device, it can not function.


Q2: Is it compatible with Samsung Galaxy S7?


Answer: No, it is not one of the latest Android smartphones, including Galaxy S6, S5, S4, Note 5 Note 4 Note 3, HTC 10, HTC One, LG G5, G4, Sony Xperia Z3, Z2 and and so on.


Q3: Is it compatible with the Android Lollipop or marshmallow?


Answer: No, it's not. It works with most mobile phones with Android 2.2 and up to 4.2.2, but depends on many factors. How Your phone with Android 4.2.2 firmware but Framaroot may not be able to eradicate it.


Q4: When should I use the "Run script"?


Answer: If Framaroot say success but SuperSU is not installed after a restart.


Q5: I get the error 10, what should I do?


Answer: Try framaroot, install v1.5.3 and it should work well. If you receive errors 1-9, this means that you should not waste your time and try an app in one click different root.


This review has been helpful to you? If you managed your phone, you can tell us in the comments section.


Root Countless Android Devices With One Click Using Framaroot APK

In the early days of Android, one-click rooting methods were fashionable, and the standard when it came to rooting. Although the system always safe with each update, and operating beyond manufacturers held devices and mobile operators by adding greater protection and stronger against exploits, making it more difficult the root. Today, it is extremely difficult to find a single click app that can take root more devices and users must rely on methods for your particular phone or tablet. Everything will change, thanks to XDA senior member Developrs alephzain who recently Framaroot - one-click rooting app for a plethora of devices, popular and obscure. And the best part is that you do not even need to connect your device to your computer, run commands or Flash files for them. To learn more about this wonderful Rooting tool and how it works, right after the jump.


What is great about Framaroot is its extensive device support with the various exploits that it employs, unlike methods that can only deal with an exploit, and therefore are only suitable for a few devices. Compatible devices include those that have a range of Quallcomm, MTK OMAP 36xx, Samsung Exynos as well as some non-Exynos, Huawei K3V2 and possibly more. This includes many famous devices such as Samsung Galaxy S and touch series, LG Optimus series, Nexus 4, ASUS Transformer and Padfone series and Motorola Droid series, some that are not too famous in the US market but very popular in some regional Such as Parrot, Newman, HighScreen, ZOPO, THL, Texet, Jiayu, and many other brands, such as the Samsung Galaxy Y, several Huawei, Alcatel, Lenovo, ZTE, Meizu & Sharp devices , Fly, Explay and more. You can find the complete list (which stretches as more people confirm it after testing on their devices) on the XDA-Developers thread, which is linked at the end of the post.


Disclaimer: Please follow these instructions at your own risk. Addictive Tips will not be liable if your device is damaged or bricked during the process.




  • Download the latest version of Framaroot from the XDA Developers thread below.
  • Install the downloaded APK file on your Android device.
  • Run the app, and if one or more frequencies available in the app can potentially root your device, they will appear on the screen.
  • You will also see a menu on the screen that lets you decide whether you want to install Superuser or SuperSU after rooting, or uproot a device that is already rooted. Superuser and SuperSU are both great, and choosing between them is a matter of personal preference, so choose which one you want to install.
  • Tap one of the available exploits to try to rooting the device. You get a prompt to tell if rooting was successful or not. If it failed, try one of the other available exploits.
  • Once you receive the prompt that your device has been successfully rooted, simply restart the device.

This is it - you should now have a rooted device. If you use the application to the root of a device that is not on the XDA thread, do not forget to publish it so that the developer can add it to the list.


How to Root or Unroot Android Using Framaroot in 10 Seconds

Now rooting Android smartphones and tablets are quite simple because of the application of Framaroot Download. The grounding is an internal process that effectively limits the operating system and grants full authorization of the device.


Rooted Android device can do this, especially preinstalled Framaroot applications or actions to remove, update the ROM, you can perform a full backup and restore the device. Before they adjust them from this rooting Android devices start, it will void the warranty. This way rooting is easy as unrooting. So start the complete guide to read how fast android or unroot to anchor.


ramaroot is a free application for Android rooting Its goal is almost all Android devices with one click rooting. These, however, are not available on Google Play Store? They simply invite you from here to do this, you need to complete brief online survey on their website.


If you are too busy, or do not want to participate in online surveys, DOWNLOAD hereThe latest framaroot fill out without online surveys. It is one of the easiest and fastest way for Android rooting without using the computer. A list of compatible devices framaroot here. [It is necessary if your device does not mention you can not be root / unroot your device with this application.


Android root with one click


After the installation open framaroot, you can specify the type of execution, select any track 'SuperSuExecute Install Script / sdcard / custom' framaroot of the application.

You will see a character performance in the following figure, select one of the run. After running Exploit successfully completed, quickly window appears to open and ask you to restart. Done, your device is successfully rooted. Whether to try to anchors another performance too.Now character, wants to know whether your rooted device properly check root checker or check the root applications.


Method 1: Unroot Android Completely


Unroot for your device, select 'Unroot' instead of another performance and do the same steps explained above. You will see the pop-up screen, you'be completely Unroot your Android device .......


Method 2: Unrooting


Here I became my classic and clear way of unrooting smartphone discussion almost all Android. Look here